Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I got a gift!

Sometimes when you log into your computer you just stare at the same old things, but a day ago I got this in my facebook inbox! This amazingly cute drawing from one of my most faithful readers, Elysia! <3 When I get my new apartment I'll print this out and put up on my wall. Thank you a million for thinking about me and making me this!

Speaking of gifts, I also got a paid character transfer in World of Warcraft to start roleplaying again! Oh god how I've missed it, but I had to take a break. A short one, and now you might start seeing some nerdy roleplay character portraits again in the future. Trolls this time.

Now though I have a commission to complete, and I'm all excited about it! Lots of new work piling up in a very good way. Remember people, if you wish to support this confused artsy person, just consider buying a unique little art piece for yourself and I'll have food for another week! Fine, enough begging and bragging about my awesome generous friends. Off to work!