Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Wishes!


This weekend is an odd weekend. I'm sitting in the kitchen of my dad's apartment and I have no idea what I'll be doing in the future. Well I do have my ideas and wishes of course, but how to make things into reality? I've been traveling all over with my bags of clothes and my computer, dragging my poor bulldog along as I'm trying to figure my life out. It's horrible and amazing at the same time. Horrible in the way of course that I had to say goodbye and leave, amazing because I get to stand on these little feet of mine and try to fend for myself, which is scary but exactly what I wanted. It will sort itself out soon. Apartments will be looked at, jobs will be applied for and friends will be visited on my travels around the world, because I promise myself to be fearless from now on. Or at least try.


  1. Wow... i'm so thrilled you found our eat sign, because i just love your blog.. you have quite an eye and your writing is addicting... thanks so much! good luck to you and i'll be reading.... you have such an amazing eye! xo liz

  2. Oh thank you! Such kind words, I love your shop, I've been a fan for a while! <3

  3. Thanks for including my print in your blog! Love your blog and have added it to my daily reads.