Monday, June 27, 2011

Who the hell is this Matthew Joy person anyway?!

I'll tell ya!
Matthew Joy and I met through World of Warcraft where we both found ourselves standing in a shady bar, smoking. He was a skilled assassin, and I was a cheeky street kid with a tiny knife that he made fun of. Well that is how it all started anyway...

Since then we have started several projects together and a lot of the art I've been producing lately has been a part of these projects, or inspiration I've gotten from his stories. To show people who he is, I got to do an interview with him!

Where do you live?

A Small village near Aberdeen in Scotland.

Do you like it there?

It's quiet and has pretty much all it needs in it... It's not too pretty to look at. It's got a park which is slowly shrinking. Other than that it's pretty boring.

If you could live somewhere else, where would it be?


Where in the world have you traveled?

Spain, Germany, Cyprus, New York, Washington DC, Boston, Italy, Australia, Florida...

Which was your favorite?

Cyprus. It was nice to see where I was born. The food there is pretty awesome too. And the beaches. The mountains in Cyprus are pretty amazing too.

You were born there?

I was, in an army hospital.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?


Sum up your life in one sentence:

A mundane purgatory between school and university spent writing and searching for inspiration.

What was your childhood dream?

To leave a legacy behind for people to remember me by.

So how would you want your future to look like?

Fame and fortune.

What would you do with your fortune?

Probably squander it on hedonistic desires.

What makes you smile?

Victory. I like to win.

What really gets on your nerves?

People that are overly judgemental or self-righteous when they're no better than anyone else.

What is your favorite word?


Describe an average day in your life:

Waking up, smoking, shower, cleaning. Then at about 5 I eat. Then I write or play games or watch a film or something. And just relax until like, 3 in the morning.

What would be the title of your memoir?

Smoke first, ask questions later.

Is there anything particular skill you'd like to learn?


So, lets go onto the comic stuff, what inspired you to the idea of Bittersweet Comics in the first place?

I'd been browsing web-comics for years and I decided that myself and my friends had such different personalities that it might be interesting to base fiction around.

And what about Deadzone London?

It was based off of one picture that gave me enough inpiration to just have the idea burst into life.

What would you do in case of zombie apocalypse?

I would try to save my friends and family and get to safety. After a decent amount of time I'd try to rebuild a small area of the ruins into a new settlements and go from there.

What would you do if one of your friends had been zombiefied?!

Kill them. For the good of them and the rest of us.

So now you know a bit more, and why this guys name is appearing all over whenever I make new art! Check out his newly started blog (Bittersweet Matt, Ohooo!) I'm sure it will be awesome. In July I'm going to Scotland to meet him and his friends, and I'm super excited about it! I hope you enjoyed this, and make sure to check out our comics on facebook! Deadzone and Bittersweet Comics!

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