Saturday, July 2, 2011

Deadzone Scotland!

I was in to buy some new clothes at a second hand store today and found something quite special. I have a thing for gasmasks, and this one cost me almost nothing, so I jumped on it and got it even though the lady behind the counter gave me strange looks because of my combo of cute dresses and skirts mixed with army gear.

So it's just 6 days left until I get on the plane to Scotland now, and there is plenty of excitement running around in my mind. I'll leave most of it inside my head, but one thing that you might be interested in is how things are going with Deadzone? Well, me and Mr. Joy have been busy with our cute geeky webcomic for a while and decided to leave Deadzone until we can discuss and work on it face-to-face. We also have plans to start raise some funding to be able to work on it properly, as well as pitching our bastard child that is this project to various comic book publishers. One step at a time. Patience is good they say. I'll share some new concept art of Dominik (now nicknamed "Domme" because of her increasing dominatrix sexyness). More will come in the future!


  1. MMmm gas masks ^-^
    My boyfriend wore one with a suit last year for a hallowe'en costume and I wore a kimono ^^
    Awesome concepts, as always,and hope you enjoy your trip, getting lots of excellent comic-y work sorted out =D and Scottish fun!

  2. Awh, that sounds like an awesome costume! :3 I probably won't wear this since it smells like... well, not good. I'll just make some friend wear it while I take cool photos! XD

    I'm really looking forward to picking up deadzone again, and Scottish fun will be had, I'm certain ^__-