Sunday, July 31, 2011

Growing up

I hate growing up. Right now my entire life situation scares the shit out of me and I start to cry all the time over all the small things that I have to deal with to make things work. My time in Scotland was a way for me to relax and just escape reality for a while, and now reality comes crashing back twice as horrible and I have to just man up and stay strong. It's not easy. Well, tomorrow I'll have my own home at least, but I won't have the money to get electricity, or even a proper bed, so we'll see how that goes.

I realize this all sounds pretty gloomy and horrible, but that's how I feel right now. I'll try to cheer up. This image is a drawing I made at Gothenburg airport before going to Scotland, and I colored it when I came back. Nothing original about it, just very me I guess..


  1. Ohhhh....
    Hope you will be okay!
    Everything will be alright in the end =)
    Your art IS unique, because you made it ^^ It's great, the colours, textures, the way the face blends into the background ...
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Sending some good vibes your way :) Everything happens for a reason, and everything will be fine (maybe even better than that!). Also, I would know your artwork the minute I saw it. I think you have a very distinct style and it's beautiful!

  3. *huuugs!* Thank you for your kind words, :3 I need it all right now.

  4. Take care!
    Also... I don't know if Matt mentioned to you, but if you'd like, I can promote your comics in a mini art publication I'm working on. Also, if you wanted to (this is to both of you!) feel free to contribute drawings or whatever. The theme is The Absurd and I'm hoping to distribute the mini zine in September when I get back to uni.

    But that's all up to you ^-^

  5. Oh Eysia, that would be awesome actually! I'll see if I can create some custom art for it once I get back into my working routine. Lately I haven't had the focus to do anything properly except commissions. :3

  6. Okie :) Well, just let me know sometime if you are able to, and which picture you'd like me to use to promote Deadzone :)

    (don't worry about it if you are super busy, or you could find a drawing you've already done that fits in ^^)

    my email is

    Hope you're feeling better and good luck with commissions.