Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh the chaos..

I feel like I get nothing done right now. Everything is sort of a mess since I still have all my belongings in boxes and my current workplace is a couch, where I also sleep. I feel a bit panicky about it all, because all I want right now is my own place and gaaawd how I want it! Well, on monday I'll be moving into my own apartment and I'll finally be able to breathe properly again, work and live like I want and not have to worry so much about small things. Well, I'll be forced to worry about bigger things, such as how to afford rent. Oh jeez.. I should just stop thinking about it and start to worry about which color to choose for my curtains instead, yeah... That's a way more pleasant problem to deal with at the moment.

And oh, the picture is my baby T-rex with robot arms and roller skates! It lost in battle against an epic turtle with a metal jaw, spikes and extra wheels for added support. Yeah.. That's the sort of stuff that spawns our of mine and Matthew's imaginations when we are tired at airports after no sleep for hours. Now I should try to finish up some real art and earn myself some money for rent and food though because otherwise I won't be moving into a new apartment, but rather onto the street. Weeee!