Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Wishes!

elgarboart Soul Role

I miss drawing and blogging, but I don't have the things I need to make that happen over here in Scotland. I'm considering this a true vacation from now on, and I'll just have to accept that I won't get any real work done. It's ok, I probably need to rest and just clear my head doing other things rather than slave in front of my computer. I'll have plenty of time to do that when I return to Sweden and school starts again, because yeah, I just couldn't stay away. I'm going to study a fourth year at university to get my masters degree. The subject I'll be writing about is still role play online. I mean, role play for me is really important, and it obviously has given me a lot of opperunities and special friends. I wouldn't be in Scotland at all if it weren't for World of Warcraft. Some might claim that it's not a very social activity, or look down on it, but I've gotten some of my best friends ever through that game. My dear L who I miss a lot. I'm sorry I haven't been accessible sweetie, because my life has turned upside down. Things will be better soon, I promise.

So, about this weekends wishes? I love these warm summery colors! Scotland is rainy and cold at the moment, which I don't mind, because I spend all day inside cuddling in bed anyway, so I don't really need sunshine at the moment. I still enjoy it in these pictures though. Happy happy warm colors!


  1. wheee, glad you're having a good time, relaxing is guuurd ^-^ Enjoy your time there! And congrats about the Masters, that's great!

  2. your pictures are great, I stared at it for hours and never would I not bored, have a certain something