Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Everything will be ok

Last night I decided that I had to take my camera with me out while walking the bulldog in the morning, and I kept that promise to myself. Well, the dog hates photography-walks since she has to do random stops all the time and wait for me to find the right angle of a tree before she can sniff that special patch of grass. I love it though, because whenever I have my camera with me I start seeing things in new ways. I can see the beauty of things that I otherwise would have just passed. If not for my cameras chunky, heavy shape I would carry it with me always.

I've been very sad this past week, and well, I still am. I still have to tell myself that everything will be ok, and I know that people around me have their own problems and sorrows to deal with too, so even though I don't wish them this sadness, I'm happy in knowing I'm not all alone. Perhaps I will be able to relax soon and just wait patiently for good things to come in the future.