Saturday, August 20, 2011

A moment of calm

I brought my camera with me again this morning to the park next to where I live. It's really soothing to walk there amongst the trees. It will be nice to see them shift from green to autumn colours, even though I usually mourn the loss of the leaves. This year I'm really looking forward to autumn.

Today I have plenty of work to do, both real work and some house work. Well, I don't mind since I kind of like being busy at the moment, but I can't help feeling a bit stressed out at the same time. I have some preassure on me to really perform this time to prove what I can do art-wise. I just need to keep my calm and work on. Coffee and awesome music helps!


  1. I believe you can do it ~ Your work has a unique flavour and those who commissioned you obviously picked you because they think you can make awesome work too! I'm looking forward to Autumn too, although it'll mean lots of heavy rain in Wales, UK. I think it'll be great to wrap up warm and sit in the lounge with friends and a good bit of green tea! <3