Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh oh, exciting!

Despite my fears and worries, things seem to be moving forward and stuff is happening. Sure, it's a lot of hard work and I feel stressed out about it like crazy, but I'm motivated right now and damned ready to just take a step forward, in my art and in my life. Phew, those are big words, but seriously, it's true. It's about time I gain some confidence and self assurance. I've spent way too much time feeling bad, feeling like what I do will never get me anywhere. I've been stuck for such a long time.

This picture is a random girl I painted for a video tutorial I was about to make, but my video editing program was, well, it sucked... I'll probably make another attempt at a video of my art progress soon, but I'll need the time. Right now my time is spent working. Working I tells ya!


  1. Darn det hade varit så spännande att se en video!! Hoppas vi får se en framöver, och stort lycka till med allt du arbetar med just nu! Se - saker händer... ;) Kram från Ellinor (Eteria-Stockphoto på DA)

  2. Oh, how I adore all your art! You are so talented! I follow you on deviantart too. C:
    You are amazing.

    - love Scarlet