Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Wishes!

Donna Geissler

Autumn is coming, wether we want to or not! Personally I kind of love waking up every morning now, spotting new yellowed leaves on the huge tree outside my window. I'm looking forward to wearing my green mittens again and lots of scarves and layers of clothes. These cute Etsy items all remind me of autumn in the best possible way.


  1. Hi!!
    The vacations have been finished and we are here with 100% energy.
    I love your last post, I wish your holidays was fun and the next months will be full of original and georgeus things.
    I´ll follow your clue...again.
    Kisses from Madrid.♥♥

  2. Lovely... beautiful... great blog. I'm honored to have my Sweet Dreams print on your blog.

    Best to you!