Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wishing away

Sometimes I wish I lived in a fantasy world. Ok, I admit, I wish that quite a lot. Especially when real life gets a bit difficult and scary, such as it is right now. I've been told different opinions about escaping reality. Some say it's bad, that it's useless and even dangerous if it leads to not taking care of your self in real life. A wise man once told me though, that without escaping reality off into our fantasies, we wouldn't be able to cope at all with certain things in life, and that we should embrace our dreamworlds and just enjoy them as much as we can, gather strength there to go out and then battle the real world with renewed powers. I think I'll stick to that one.

I'm working a lot, and that's why blogging has become a bit less frequent. I wish I could show you all what I'm doing now, perhaps in a while. The image above however is perfectly related to escaping reality, it's a painting I did from a screenshot of the Ravenholdt Manor in World of Warcraft, the place where my character is being trained into becoming a true assassin. Nothing takes your mind off the stress of the real world like preparing to assassinate someone on the streets of Stormwind on a quiet night.

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