Sunday, September 11, 2011

Calming castles

Finally I got my hands on the pictures I've taken over the last few days while going around visiting all the castles of Aberdeenshire and Inverness. Well, most of them, I can't imagine I've missed any because of the sheer amount of castles I've been going around. It's been really amazing seeing them all. Unfortunately a lot of them had a no photography policy, but I'll just have to try to remember all the artwork and detailed, carved out ceilings and adorable bedrooms I've seen.

Yesterday I was standing in an archway into a castle, in the rain just looking at all of the beauty around me, and I felt really philosophical and just calm. I have huge difficulties relaxing in general, but at this place I just feel so at ease. I've gathered so much inspiration now and I just hope I'll manage to take it with me when I have to go back home.


  1. Wonderful photos you've taken. Go enjoy your time around castles and Scotland and Matt ;)

  2. Beautiful photos - they make me really want to explore Scotland! Hopefully I can! Have a great time !

  3. I'm having a lovely time! ^__^ And I want to explore Scotland with both of you! Nyah! I'll move here and then we can all go on exploring trips.