Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stand steady

I just bought myself a new, slouchy, knitted hat off Etsy to go with what I'll wear when the weather turns colder. They say this entire week will be sunny and warm here, but I know things will get colder very soon. My mom was here visiting me this weekend, and we enjoyed the sunshine and cinnamon coffee on my balcony, cuddling the dog and just talking. She also bought me new shoes for the winter, since my sad red converse are ready to fall apart. I love these boots and I can't wait to get to wear them!

All the while I'm planning how to look as cute as possible this upcoming fall and winter, my thoughts are running crazy as always. Maybe I need these boots in order to stand steady on the ground and feel safe. I'll really need that now.


  1. So cute ^-^
    On Monday I'll be on the hunt for some cute boots, too ... :) Where'd you buy the hat?

  2. The hat is from Love and Knit!

  3. Thanks! I think you must have linked them before in a weekend wishes because I have them in favourites already ;p

  4. super cute boots, they look warm and cosy. i wish that i have the money to buy som new boots for the winter...