Saturday, September 17, 2011

The two sides

I found these two sketches of faces in my sketchbook that I had never made digital. I decided to put them together into one piece of art to kind of show the two sides of my emotions right now. Hmm, that sounds kind of deep, but it's really every day life for me, these moodswings I get minute by minute. One moment I'm happy, excited about life and smiling about all the nice things I've gotten to do recently and looking forward to a bright future, the next my mind is filled with death, destruction and doom and I'm ready to just lay down and pass away. Then luckily, some minutes later I'm back to normal.

I wish my mind could be a bit more stable and let me just rest now and then, but then, I wouldn't be me. I've kind of come to accept that I'm a somewhat crazy, overly sensetive girl with moodswings.

Oh oh, before I forget, I did a livestream of this picture, and the videos can still be seen on my Bittersweet enmi Channel! The videos are quite long since they are real-time, but feel free to just skip forward in time and watch the parts that you are interested in. I hope you like it! I plan to do more livestreams in the future!


  1. Love it! Shame I was asleep when you were live-streaming! This is one of my favourite recent pieces by you, the painting/shading style is just great and I love the freckles :3
    I hope maybe when you start this new job you will feel more stable :) although it sounds like it's also good inspiration~