Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hazy, not so lazy Sunday

It's been such a nice day outside. Cold autumn with orange leaves everywhere and the sun shining on frosted grass. A perfect day for autumn cleaning of my apartment! I've been dreading it for ages, letting my home fall into a decaying state of chaos and stinky laundry, but I took care of it all today.

Having my home in order, with all my cute little things around me always helps me regain my energy and some happiness and calm. I went with a friend to the store to get some candy for work tomorrow, and I've played minecraft all night.

I've been having troubles lately with my energy being really low. I work hard and then when I get home I just crash into bed and fall asleep. Nothing gets done and all the personal art I want to create just gets pushed further into the future. I hope that once my body and mind gets used to working so much I'll get some energy back, because I have inspiration like never before and it needs to get put onto paper. At least now with a clean desk, maybe it will be easier to settle down with an art project than before when it was cluttered with coffee cups and unfinished letters to nobody.

Now I'm cuddled up in bed with the bulldog, just enjoying a lazy end to this not so lazy Sunday.

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