Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Office

Since this is now where I spend most of my time I thought I shoudl show you little pieces of my office at Coffee Stain Studios. I've got a room to myself (for now) where I can fully focus on my work, which is needed since I'm currently working on very technical designs that are beyond anything I've tried to draw before. It's a challenge I enjoy however and I hope I'll gain some new fancy skills to use in my own personal art eventually.

I brought a little wooden geisha doll to sit next to my computer, which is littered with post-it notes with scribblecats on them. A scribblecat is a cat scribbled really fast by the people here at work. Many of them seem to end up in my office and I think i have about twenty cats already to take care of. They are all so unique and cute and make me smile when I struggle with some difficult detail in a design. Eventually I'll show you what I'm working on, but for now it's all secret, so sssh!