Sunday, October 23, 2011

Paint on my fingers

Oddly enough I've been drawing and painting all day today, and not a single nap in between. For weeks now I've been falling asleep as soon as I close my eyes and I haven't had the energy to do anything at all. This morning I finished a commission piece, did my faery painting and then I sketched some random stuff.

Now I've started a new acrylic painting and I'm really excited about getting paint on my fingers again. It's a special feeling to sit there with a huge cup of tea and mix paint while trying to figure things out. I've got a messy base right now and I'm thinking about what to put on top of it. I have a pretty good idea, I just need to grab my pencil and start to draw it. I don't know if I should do it right now or wait until sunlight comes back though. Here in Sweden the days are growing shorter however, and sunlight dissapears quickly. I suspect it will get dark before I get home from work pretty soon. It's a bit gloomy, but I've got candles to chase away the darkness. The trick is to keep it outside and not let it in, that goes for dark emotions as well. I'll try to put mine into art instead.