Monday, October 17, 2011

Yes Master

I drew this while at the office this Saturday. Yeah, I was at work on a weekend, but mostly for the good company and the sweet tea. I've been planning to do a new livestream for a while and now I did it. You can see it on the Bittersweet enmi Channel. It's always fun to paint live, and it gives me more motivation to finish a piece.

So, I have sort of a story in mind for this image, but it's not entirely clear in my head yet, and it probably never will be. I wanted to capture the feeling of sacrifice for someone else who demands it from you disregarding of your feelings. I was told by my dear friend L that I should draw more dark art since it's something I love looking at myself. A lot of the artwork I draw inspiration from is very scary and macabre and I even though a lot of my own art as a somewhat gloomy feeling about them, I rarely try to do something genuinely dark myself. I do enjoy it though, so there may be more on the same theme as this one at the piece 'Lyca' I did recently.