Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I woke up too late today, had a facial accident which has me looking a bit like a zombie and somehow the rest fo the day has been somewhat miserable for no real reason. It's a randomly miserable day and I just want to get home and sleep. Whine-whine-random-whine... I have nothing real to complain about except my own bad mood. Silly silly enmi.


  1. nooooooooes, hope you feel better! Such a cute drawing though; the hoodie looks comfy *_*

  2. what about the smoke?

  3. The hoodie IS comfy! :D It's my best friend when I'm down, because it snuggles me no matter what. I'm better today I think. And the smoke well, I smoke more when I'm upset about something. It soothes me.

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