Saturday, November 19, 2011


I've felt completely and utterly exhausted after work this entire week. To recover I've been diving back into World of Warcraft, role playing and just talking to friends. It's a good way for me to escape reality and just rest for a while. While role playing as Fawne Westwind, I got inspired enough to draw her as she is now. For those who have followed my blog a long time, this might be a familiar character. I've played her for over a year and she started out as a simple street kid, eager for jobs and easy coin. Since then a lot of things have happened, and this is how she is now.

Her code name is 'Sin' and she has worked her way up the ranks within the Ravenholdt Sanctuary, a group of assassins. It's really interesting for me to look back on what my little creation has become, since she started out as a school project for my University thesis, and she feels like a little part of myself. Creating this piece took most of my day, and I did a livestream of it that sadly isn't complete due to computer issues. But if you want to watch it, click here.

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