Saturday, November 26, 2011


I'm so very very tired now. I started this piece last night after listening to a lot of music that really brought out inspiration and emotions that I needed to paint. It was kind of a difficult piece and I prefer my inital sketch because it had more flow and motion in it. But I learn from that, sometimes all the polish isn't needed, I should have stopped earlier. Anyway, it's a new piece and I'm happy I managed to create something personal this weekend.

I haven't put any specific symbolism into the piece, although it has a lot of emotions behind it. It feels like I've been through some of the most emotionally challenging months of my life. Separations and tears mixed with love and passion and care, and I've never been able to really handle it all. I still don't quite know what to think.

Now I need to go to bed and just breathe a while. This piece drained my energy.


  1. Take care :) I agree , a lot of the time I find my initial sketches seem to have more energy... anyway good to see you creating personal work! Hope you are well ... haven't had a chance to go on skype in a while due to coursework X_X

  2. I haven't had the energy for much Skype chatting either lately. I've felt kind of half dead or just immersing myself in world of warcraft. We'll talk again soon! ^__^

  3. That's so cute! Love your work ... I get inspired and identifies a lot with what you do ...