Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend Wishes!

There is a storm outside this first advent Sunday. No leaves left on the trees, rain drizzling down and my dog has to squint in the wind. I woke up to a very sweet morning, listening to music and hiding in bed for a while with a cup of coffee before venturing out.

Today I want to pick up a paint brush and just sit around all day painting. I've got some ideas and I want to see them come to life.

As for this wish list, it's all teal, pale yellow and turquoise again, because I love these colours so much. Amazing little finds in my favorite shades to make me smile. I'll need it once I start doing my laundry. Mhmm...


  1. Eeep, first advent sunday! That makes it sound so soon! X_X
    And, sounds like such an idyllic day, bar the bit about Chessy in the wind :P Hope you had a productive one!

  2. I can hardly believe it's already the first Sunday in advent! This is just a beautiful collection, such a great color. Many thanks for featuring my little blue felt bird :)