Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dodge this babe

Dodge this babe, you´re much more fun when you´re alive...

Yeah I've had a lot of inspiration to create darker art lately, and I'm having a lot of fun with both the painting process and the inspiration gathering. I still feel somewhat strange posting these pictures on my blog, which mainly is about sweet, cute little inspirational things and then I throw in some bloodied knives and desert eagles. Well, I guess it's all about contrasts. Things get so much more interesting when it's not all one-sided.

I've always lived quite a sheltered life, surrounding myself with colourful happy things to live on pink clouds as much as I can. On the other side I've also always been inspired by brutality and lifestyles of people very different to me. A lifestyle I just take tiny sips of now and then when I get too curious to help myself. Those sips are enough to make me want to paint and write, fueled enough to put those experiences into creativity.