Monday, December 5, 2011

It's very cold right now

Just got in from my balcony where I sat watching the first snow of the winter. Odd how a change of weather can bring up so many different emotions. It reminds me how fast time moves, how much my life has changed in just a year, and I wonder what I was doing back then, what I would have thought about myself if I knew what I would be doing now.

This weekend I had decided to go out and have a few drinks, listen to loud music and just dance, all on my own, not caring much about anything at all. Just getting out the door has always been a challenge for me, now this was something completely new. Exciting and frightening, but I guess I'm able to switch from shy, scared little Emmy to a braver one now and then. I even managed to create some scribbly art from the inspiration I got. So I had my sweet drinks, and listened to some pretty nice live music. The rest of the night shall remain unspoken of, but I've gathered new experiences, felt new feelings and this new snow on the ground works pretty well as a poetic metaphor for this change.

If this brave Emmy will come out and play more often is unknown. Maybe, but not in a while. I need some rest.