Saturday, December 3, 2011


I'm waiting for the rain to calm down so that I can go and buy myself some food. It's such a typical late autumn day where everything is gray and it's mid-day and still so dark I have to have lights lit inside. It's rather pleasant however, now when I'm actually inside and not trecking through the rain with bags full of groceries.

I sketched and painted this faerie, Wither, yesterday, and I wanted to capture those autumn colours where it's no longer all orange and red and bright, but the actual colours of decay. I still love those colours.

My annoying exhaustion just keeps bugging me, and I can't seem to get energy no matter what I do. I fall asleep as soon as I get home unless I really force myself to do something, and it takes all the willpower I have. Luckily my dog has no problem with the fact that I spend all my time in bed nowadays, but my apartment is a mess and today I have to clean it all up. It's come to a point where just chatting to my friends through skype has become difficult. I'm sorry for this, I'm thinking about you guys, and I'll come back from this hibernation eventually.

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