Monday, January 30, 2012

Cheeso the little Piggy!

Ever since I got a job this summer I've been thinking about how this little bulldog hates being alone at home. I've been stressing back and forth from work to make sure she gets her walks and some quick cuddles between my hours at the office, but it's been clear that she hasn't been happy, and neither have I. My life looks very different now from what it did when I first got this baby. Back then I lived with J, I studied and worked from home. I had this fear of leaving my apartment because of social anxiety and Chessy really helped me gain back some energy to get out into the air, meet people and not just stay in bed all day long.

Well, things have changed in a lot of ways, and I made the desicion that for both me and Chessys well-being, she should move to somewhere she gets all the attention and time she deserves. This thursday she was picked up by a really sweet family who had a little bulldog girl since before. Now my little Chessy will get to hang out with another frenchie all day long and get tons of love. I've been really sad to see her go, but I feel relief at the same time knowing that she'll be happy. Now I have to stop writing before I get all teary-eyed. Love you Chessy the Bulldog! Love you to bits!


  1. Aww. I know how you feel we have a husky at home too. We rush back home from work every night because we feel so bad about him being home all day. You did the right thing though. We'll be working from home in a month so we're looking forward to that for us.

  2. It's tricky to make life work with a dog sometimes. Works for some, didn't for me, but I got to be with her for two very cuddly years! ^_^ <3