Thursday, January 5, 2012


 I took a shower, lit some candles, ate some spicy soup and then started to paint a new acrylic piece. It's unusually cosy and idyllic even for me. I guess I'm just in an unusually good mood or something. The painting is just in a sketchy phase right now with the background colour and some base paint for the figures laid down. I'll probably keep working tomorrow and this weekend as well.

I hope this good mood gets to stick around, because I could get used to this quite easily. It's kind of like that feeling I get when spring is approaching, even though I know it's really far away still. I'm looking forward to things, opening my eyes a bit to things I used to care about that I just forgot while being gloomy and feeling awful most of the time. I guess just as easily as I get stuck in vicious circles of no energy, sadness and inactivity I can get a boost in the right direction once I start eating, creating and feeling good things. Why is this always so darn difficult to remember while being sad? In any case, I'll go on with my cosy evening now.