Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sanctum - The Box!

I won't try to act humble in this moment, because I have to admit I'm somewhat hysterically proud of this. Sanctum has been for sale for quite some time now, but it's being released in a box with lots of extras. It's up for sale on Amazon now, available for pre-orders! 

I'm just waiting to hold the thing in my own hands, because I still can't quite believe I'm actually a part of this, the neat little team of Coffee Stain Studios and the making of Sanctum. What is even more difficult to believe is that my art is all over this box, and inside it! You get a poster and best of all, a little comic book! Gaaaah, I wanna jump and scream a little. I can suddenly put published comic book artist on my resumé as well as having painted the cover art for the box of a shipped game title. I told you I wouldn't try to be humble. I feel beyond awesome right now and I just wish I had a party to go along with this feeling. Party at my place!


  1. Humble? Who needs it! You're published and everything!! BE SUPA PROUD!!!! :D

  2. Love it ;;; do you know when it's out ? It'd be great to see the comic! WELL DONE <3 awesome.

  3. I'm not sure of the exact date, but it shouldn't be long I think. We´re waiting for the shipment of boxes to the office now. I'm so excited to see them!