Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Self Customization

Ok, this was fun, so I had to make another today. It's a perfect thing to doodle during breaks at work.

Today I'm wearing my fluffy, furry cowl, a jeans skirt and a newly bought lumberjack shirt from Matix.

I'm happy today, and I was happy yesterday too, and the day before that. Good things are happening and I feel like I've been living in a very unsusual state of luxury since I'm currently spending the days with my random encounter who just happens to make me amazing food every day! I'm such a lucky girl. I mean, last night I got wok with egg noodes, red curry and tasty tasty chicken, and when I got home from lunch today there was toast, with eggs! Omnomnomnom, so much energy. He's leaving today though so I'm back on microwave food for a bit. I'm planning to spend tonight painting though, I might do a livestream too which I haven't done in a while. Now I'll go back to work, break is over.