Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Self Customization

It's a new year and I have no resolution but I can try to start a new blog feature! I've slowly started to get back to actually caring about stuff I've been interested in before but forgotten. Such as clothes for example! It's been a self preservation tecnique I guess, to stop caring about clothes since I haven't been able to afford to be fashionable. Now I earn my own cash though, and I can actually treat myself to sweet new stuff now and then.

I'm thinking of starting a little "what-I-wore" feature, but since this is an art blog rather than a fashion blog I'll try to make these little self portraits instead of photographing myself. I really can't be bothered posing for that many photos either.

So, today I'm wearing new, very extremely baggy jeans from Humör, my slouchy hat from Love and Knit, my retro panasonic headphones, a vintage tee-hoodie I picked up while traveling Chicago and an old checkered scarf I almost forgot I had.

These clothes make me want to go out skateboarding! I used to do that when I was way younger, and this spring I plan to get myself a longboard. Happy times!