Monday, January 16, 2012

Self Customization

I haven't forgotten about this feature! Today I'm wearing the cute tights my sister got me for christmas with a kind of swedish folklore pattern on them. Jeans skirt with white suspenders, my trusty black hoodie and black/teal scarf. It's super cold outside. About my own cold it just won't go away! I keep sneezing and coughing and my face hurts, but at least I'm back at work now, I'm well enough to sit and draw again.

I really badly need to visit the pharmacy though to get something for my aching back. I feel like an old lady who can't even stand up from a chair normally without wincing in pain. Why oh why? Nuh-uh, I've been complaining like crazy all weekend, I have to stop now. Back to happy thoughts. Find that happy place, now!

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