Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet nostalgia

I went out of the city this weekend to just relax (I thought) since I've been kind of sick and feverish. Turned out not to be very relaxing but a whole lot of fun to witness chaotic partying while being sober on a couch. Anyway, during my little trip I found a sweet nostalgic treat in form of bubblegum I haven't tasted since I was a kid! They used to sell these so cheap, they are still cheap but I remember I always got some after school on my way home. Now I have a little pile of tasty bubblegum on my desk as I work!

I also keep finding music I had half forgotten and while listening to it I get all those memories and feelings back! Like how I listened to 'Ceasars - Candy Cane' an entire summer while skateboarding, how I worked on Bloodline Champions in the school basement for another summer while listening to 'Those Dancing Days' endlessly. Happy stuff!

There is still snow and winter outside but since no sunlight even reaches into my office I can still pretend it's summer. It sure feels like it right now!