Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekday Wishes!

I've been so busy in the weekends lately that my Weekend Wishes posts have been neglected! I'm forced to make a 'Weekday' wishlist instead because it's been all too long and Etsy is still filled with cute items to find.

So why have I been so busy? Well, I've started to be a bit braver and more spontaneous, so I'm actually going out to meet people and do things on my spare time instead of shutting myself inside my home to sit with my laptop in bed all the time. I like the mix of things I do nowadays. I'm more social and adventurous which fills me with new ideas and a bit more energy, but I'm still cosy cuddly enmi who loves to just stay in bed an entire day to look at pretty pictures. I can be both!

This new way of leaving home more often has made me realize some things that make me sad however, such  as how I really can't give my dear dog the time she needs. I've known this ever since I got a full-time job, but now that I don't spend all my spare time at home anymore it's become painfully obvious that my dog deserves more than this. I'm currently doing my best to find a home for her where she can get what she needs. It hurts and it brings me down, but I know it's the right thing to do... We'll see what happens.


  1. ouuuu ... hope chessy will be okay . and that there will be someone who is able to give her a good home :) But it's also good that you are happy to socialise and be out more; it's great to hear that you're doing so well. Take care :)

  2. It's really tricky to choose which of all those interested who would be best suited to take care of Chess :< It confuses me and stresses me out like crazy, but hopefully she will have a new home by this weekend. I can tell she doesn't like being alone as much as she is while I work, so it's for the best. Still makes me cry though! ;__;

  3. Looks great. Balance is the thing I struggle with most :)

  4. Love the "drink me"! Its so different to the pictures we already know :)