Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Madness Returns

When I was 14 I bought the original American McGees Alice game and I got obsessed. I don't think I've ever been that excited or in love with a game or movie ever, so when the sequel came out I was really sad. Not because I doubted it would be a good game, just because I wasn't able to play it. I recently got an xbox along with the boy I brought home, and now they both live with me, so I'm finally able to enjoy this game.

The absolute joy of peppering my enemies to death or jump-dancing around with the vorpal blade just has me laughing out loud sometimes. Yes, I'm a real Alice fan and I'm happy I finally got some fan art made. I'm not happy with it, simply because I think I'll always doubt myself when it comes to making fan art of things I'm fawning over to this degree.


  1. it's great! I'd love to play the new one out ... and the old one for that matter. I never got round to playing either!

  2. I recently managed to get my old playstation hooked up to my TV again so I know exactly how you feel.

    Also, I love how you refer to your other half as the boy you brought home. It makes me giggle and cheers me up.

  3. You should be though I loved this piece, and it is currently my desktop image. Maybe i should get to drawing my own fan art of the girl.

  4. Wee, thank you guys! ^.^
    @ Nicole: He -is- the boy I brought home! :D My quest reward for going out on adventures!

  5. Nice image, I was the same with the video game when it was released :b love your blog btw :)