Monday, February 20, 2012

Self Customization

As I mentioned yesterday, I cleared out my wardrobe. This always makes me more motivated to try new combinatiosn of clothes since I find things I forgot I even own. I managed to throw away lots of stuff I never wear, things I bought ages ago that I keep for memory or because I still like the look of the stuff but I know I'll never put it on again. I have a hard time letting go of stuff in general. I keep old letters, cute little porcelain figurines and tin boxes that I don't even have enough shelves for. I'm planning to find myself a new apartment pretty soon and then I'll have to get rid of stuff for real. It will be tricky for sure but still, It's kind of refreshing too. It also makes it twice as enjoyable to find new little things to bring home when there is actually space to put them.


  1. nice doodle. I like the outfit. and... OMG!!! u have a magic pinky of music... thats awsome

  2. You could use all those tins to keep stuff in, too! Like, I keep old candle jars for storing art supplies or sweets (after cleaning, of course...) instead of buying new ones. So when you're sorting through things to keep/junk, think about what could be used for something it wasn't really intended for, and go for it!