Friday, February 3, 2012

So very cosy

I feel quite good right now. Life is pretty sweet to put it simply. I've done some small, basic changes to my life that has changed my mood in radical ways, and I've done some big changes that work very well for me. I think I'm a cuddle addict, and I get my daily dose of cuddles right now. <3

So right now I sit at work with a hot cup of vanilla tea while there is basiclly an ice storm outside. Well not a storm really, but the ice part is true. It's so cold I can't even take my regular unhealthy smoke breaks without feeling as if my fingers are falling off. That's when you start feeling thankful for that hot cup of tea to warm your hands on and those pink rosy sheets to curl in under at night.

Well, cuddle-times are probably over for this week, to be replaced by my now regular weekend routine of chaos partying. It's such a stark contrast between sipping sweet tea in my bed to sipping tequila rose at some party. I like contrasts.

So what is this pic then? Just a random little doodle I made at work and then I decided to colour it. She's almost like a human version of my cinnamon girl!