Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Wishes!

I'm all filled up with tasty junk food on this lazy Sunday evening. It's pretty nice, because I know that I really haven't been lazy today after all. I managed to clean up the apartment, sort out my wardrobe and get rid of stuff I never wear, plus I've made scones! Since I don't have any proper food to bring for lunch to work tomorrow I think I'll be having scones and some sweet tea in my lunchbox. That'll be pretty neat, although not very nutritious. 

So why have I been cleaning up and stuff? Despite having a filthy apartment, I also want it to be a bit more empty to be able to fill it with the stuff of the one moving in here soon. More about that another time. 

It feels like spring now! Bright colours for this weekends wishlist, yaaaay!


  1. coffe errings are so cute *.*

    ah, i wanted to sort things on my book shelf and in warderobe but laziness won.

    I want spring, now. I hate half melted snow, which looks like one big lake in the middle of town -.-

  2. suuuweeett stuff!
    Looking forward to spring too, it was the first sunny day in a while today :) Hooray for nommy food! I don't know what to cook for dinner tonight ...

  3. Yummy....scones!! Thank you for the feature today and have a beautiful week :) --Suzanna