Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Canyon Child

I love the colours and the feeling of this lookbook from Planet Blue called Canyon Child. It makes me want to grow my hair out to that insane hippie length again but keep my fringe. Well, nothing to do there except avoiding to cut my hair and then wait I guess. Last week was so dull due to sickness and a generally bad mood but right now things are real nice. Sure I'm a bit stressed out because I'm looking for a new apartment and such, but it's also quite exciting. I'm also looking forward to summer, especially when looking at these photos. I'm going to the Peace & Love festival this summer, my first festival experience ever and there are so many bands I want to see. As soon as I feel like I can afford it I'll get myself a longboard too, oh goodness yes, this spring and summer will be great, I can feel it.

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