Friday, March 23, 2012

It's a spacecore riot!

Another creative friday at work has passed and I played around with the idea of what kind of musicians could exist in Elysion One, the city of Sanctum. Of course all the band names are made up based on the nicknames we have at the office. I'm probably gonna work more on the layout and background for the finished piece that might or might not be included somewhere in relation to Sanctum 2. No giving away secrets here!

I went shopping for some clothes today (which is a very unusual occurrence for me) and I'm a bit more prepared for summer now. I managed to get the wrong size of tee though so I have to go back tomorrow to return it, but no matter. It's very likely that I'll go to get myself that longboard I've been longing for tomorrow! Exciting.


  1. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Looks awesome, and looks like you've had fun with this~ How's the personal art going? Can't wait to see more of this stuff <3

  2. I'm planning to redecorate my skate deck, so that's a big fun project coming up. I'll try to slowly get back into sketching and painting for myself. It'll come back by itself sooner or later I think :)