Friday, March 30, 2012

Join the cause!

I don't normally bring up politics or society issues on my blog, but this is simply too important to ignore. Spontaneous combustion. This plague of fiery fear that threatens to overwhelm everyone, anywhere at any time. You could be the next innocent victim to suffer from sudden unexplainable flames eating away at your flesh!

Nah, seriously though. This thing comes from a growing annoyance I'm completely certain I'm not alone in feeling. Slacktivism. The various facebook pages that urges you to share and like if you hate cancer or child abuse, as if there are people who actually do enjoy cancer and praise it as something good, or people that suddenly go: "Woah, children suffer from abuse and violence? Goodness, if I like this page this evil will surely have to come to an end!"

I'm sure most people mean well, but seriously? If you want to do something, join a cause and do somethign real, send money to real help organizations or write mails to politicians and people who can actually do something instead of sitting there going: "Aaaw, what a cute kid, how sad that she suffers from cancer, I have to show my support on facebook because that will help her immensely."

Don't want to step on any toes here, just trying to spread awareness of spontaneous combustion. Share this message if you don't want your loved ones to suddenly burst into flames! DO IT NOW!