Friday, March 23, 2012


Slowly spring is getting more and more obvious. It's really, really awesome. Yep, simply awesome. Today while heading home from work I saw the bear and his friend sitting on a bench by my office with their longboards, in t-shirts and sunglasses and I realized it was way too warm out to wear my jacket and a hoodie. It's a friggin' amazing feeling to throw your jacket off and not feel cold for the first time in months. I got to try the longboards too since I'm planning to get my own very very soon and I've only had a regular skateboard before.

So I'm most likely getting a rather short, light deck so that the feeling is sort of the same as with a regular skate. It's painfully clear that I have a lot of balance and footing to get back. I'm so unsteady I'll probably topple over in the street and severely injure my face first thing I do. I'm still excited about this even though I'll probably be hiding in the shadows while I learn to keep steady before I venture out into the sunshine with my new board.