Monday, March 5, 2012

Wolf armour, RAWR!

Me and the bear was playing assassins creed brotherhood this weekend and he was like: "there is a wolf armour!" and I was like: "Oh that's cool, but hang on, is it made out of dead wolves?" Well of course it was, most armour pieces are dead. So I started thinking....

Wouldn't it be way cooler to go out into the woods, hang out with the wolves for a while and make a deal with them. You get to feast on my enemies if you ride on my back and protect me from dangers. Deal! So I'd have two tiny, cute but still totally badass wolf pups on my shoulders and then big mama wolf on my back and we´d make an awesome amazing and totally lethal team of deadly badassness. Yep.. I'm a bit hyper because I ate candy for lunch.