Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I wish

I wish I wasn't in such a rotten mood today... I have so much stuff to do, both at home and at work, and they are all dreadfully boring, time consuming tasks that I just wish I had a little slave goblin to do for me. Too bad there aren't any spare slave goblins around.

So in an attempt to take my mind of the boring shit I drew this random girl to practice line art and a simple style of shading that might work well for comics.

I sure hope that my efforts at work will be worth it in the end, and that the players of Sanctum 2 will appreciate the features that are the cause of my horribly awful rotten mood today. We'll just have to see I guess. Now I'm heading outside to sit on the office stairs and smoke. Yeah that's right, nothing like poisonous air to clear my mind for a bit.


  1. I really like the pic.

  2. lovely colours and a good shading style :) I hope you feel better. Starting a comic series would be fun though! Is there still lots to do for the new apartment?

    1. There are plans for comics, I can say that much! Won't reveal too much though :3

      I packed some more stuff for the move today, but the real work will begin when we move in and start tearing old wallpaper down and putting up new stuff.