Sunday, April 22, 2012

Missing my sweetness

 The Bear has gone away across the sea for adventure for a while. I'm still here at home but it's much emptier than usual. The thing is that he moved in right after I sent Chessy to her new home. At first it was just a temporary stay for him to comfort me after selling her, but then he stayed and haven't left until now. He'll come back of course, in little less than a week. While spending all day watching Adventure Time, random stuff on TV, reading artsy magazines and eating noodles, I've been missing my beasts an awful lot. I miss Chessy almost every day but I try not to think about her too much since I know she has a great home now and it's no use for me getting sad over the fact that I can't hug her anymore. I'll just bring me down.

Still I went through all my old photos of her and me I've snapped with my webcam and it's really nice to remember all those cuddly moments. Chessy, my little pig, I miss you today!