Thursday, April 12, 2012


Maybe it's the stress, maybe it's working again after the small easter break I had, but there is some little annoyed kid inside of me that just doesn't want to play along with what I do. I almost burst into angry tears when trying to make soup (out of a tin can) and I stare at my own work with a displeased frown even though the results aren't that bad. What is wrong with me?!

At least the sun has started shining outside my office window again and I think the weather really affects me. I want to keep learning how to lonboard properly, I want to get started with packing my stuff for the move, and I want to start feeling energized and happy again.Well, things will change soon with the move no matter what, and after the stress of fixing everything I think it will start to just feel good, as it should.


  1. go go enmi, you can do everything

  2. That's life sometimes. Try chillaxing and one day at a time, sooner or later things will start feeling better. Make sure you get enough sleep :3

    1. I sleep plenty, maybe too much sometimes :D But yes, I should try to just take it easy and not let the stress get to me.

  3. Whatever it is, you still make super-cute drawings if that makes you feel any better :) Hope you can relax soon, take it slow and make the bear feed you soup :)