Thursday, April 19, 2012

Search for it

Lunch break sketching I tell ya! It's really a good way to get speedy character portraits done. I've produced more personal art this week than I've done all together in two months! Unless something amazingly fun happens during the lunch hours at work I'll probably keep doing this. For now it'll be random typical enmi girls because I just need to loosen up and feel happy about my own art again.

I'm kind of trying to prepare for a huge work assignment that I can't really talk openly about, but lets just say it will be huge for me and I'll really get to test my own skills and dedication. Exciting and scary at the same time. About work, I really really wish I could share all the art I create here at Coffee Stain Studios but I can't for now. Eventually when more information is revealed about Sanctum 2 I promise to post all the concept art I've made. Now then, lunch is over, back to work.