Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Self doubt at work

I paint stuff, it's what I do for a living. It's fun and amazing in all sorts of ways, but it's also really scary. Some days I just do it naturally and things turn out pretty good, other days, like today, I am challenged with a task I'm not very comfortable with. Today it's environment concept art with both organic and structural shapes in perspective, in full colour and gaah! It's just difficult I guess. It's when I run into these new challenges that I start doubting myself and it feels like my co-workers will run in at any second telling me I've been busted, discovered, revealed to be a fraud and I'll get fired because I can't actually do my job.

It's a silly thought of course, because the results I'm getting aren't exactly disasterous, just not as good as I'd like them to me. It doesn't help at all to compare myself with the very best environmental concept artists out there either. In short, I'm having a major confidence crisis here and I keep staring at my work, shaking my head and hoping it will solve itself somehow if I just leave it there on the screen without touching it.

Well well, here is Skye, the main character of Sanctum. I drew this at work, fantastic...


  1. Hope you are feeling better! You can dooo it ~ Also, skye looks really cute ^^ but really, hope things turn out okay. :)

  2. I really understand that feeling oh so well :(

    I have the same problem at work..its of course sill because I should know I have this job because I am good at what I am doing..otherwise we wouldnt be hired in the first place, would we ^^

    But feelings are feelings..unfortunately they dont always make alot of sense.
    Just know that your an amazing artist, I am in awe with basically everything u ever did and I am jealous as fuck as Id wish to be able to draw stuff like you do :)

    Its just another challenge on the way..and surely you will solve that one just as all the others which has been there before!
    Your awesome, even if you might doubt your abilities right now, just know that I, and surely a many others out there, totally dont...cuz we know what a little bundle of talent you are missy ;)

    Take care and good luck xxx

    1. Aaaarrgh *tacklehugs* Thank yooou! I think it's common among people who work with creative things. It has so much to do with mood, inspiration and stuff, and if those are lacking it doesn't seem matter much what skill level you have.

      I'll fight on today and tomorrow I'll get another picture to work on that might turn out better ^__^