Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting it back

I felt bad yesterday. Lots of reasons I suppose, mostly the pent up stress from moving, spending almost all of my money on boring but much needed stuff such as paint, a new fridge and double rent. Also because even though my new home is really pretty and exactly as I wanted it to be, it's all new to me. it doesn't really feel like home yet and that makes me feel sort of uneasy.

I wanted to cure this somehow, so I decided to prime three new canvases with gesso and start working on a new traditional painting. The last two attempts haven't resulted in anything finished, but I hope I'll keep the creativity going with this one. I started with laying a really rough base last night right before bedtime. I'm trying to keep it loose and without fear of messing things up, just having fun with the materials. I really want this creativity to stick around because I noticed I felt a whole lot better about everything after starting this painting. One thing is for sure, I love love LOVE my little studio space. I think I'll be able to spend many nights, afternoons and weekends creating things here.