Sunday, May 13, 2012

My studio

Phew, this weekend has been utterly exhausting. Moving takes time and muscles, and good friends. We've finally gotten everything here and managed to unpack a whole lot. I was most excited about fixing my little home studio and now it's almost done! I still have some things to put up on the walls but all my supplies are stacked in my bookcase and my computer is up for painting, writing and photo editing. I love sitting here, it's really soothing with my favorite colour on the walls and windows all around me if I turn away from the screen. All those empty canvases are really making me eager to start some new projects.

All in all the moving and re-painting went well. It hasn't been pain-free and I've been stressed out of my mind, but I think I can finally calm down a bit. We're still waiting to get out new fridge since the old one was broken when we moved in... Typical. We can't really store any food at home now unless it's supposed to be room temperature or frozen solid. At least I have internet access and all my pretty things around me, that is enough for me right now. But... I'm getting hungry.


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamg pretty . some paintings on canvas! Yum! I'm rather envious of your studio space :D

    1. Yah, I have some paintings that I've never finished. Might happen now though! My old apartment really had no space at all for these things so they were stashed in a closet :<

  2. Nice, hopw to se more of the lovely home